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First Massage

Before The Massage

- Do your best to *not* eat a real big meal just before our session.

- If you choose to have the abdomen worked, it is a little more difficult to       work with shortly after eating. Along the same lines, sugar & caffeine in the   bloodstream may make it a little harder initially for you to relax while on the table. It’s just a thought…not a hard and fast rule.

-Making a Plan:

We will discuss your desired outcome of the session and any special concerns or areas of emphasis. We will also develop a plan, and you will be made aware of what we intend to do so there will be no surprises.

During the Massage

- The Table:
  You will lay on a warm, well-padded massage table for the session.

- Draping is used to maintain your privacy.

The drape used for your massage is a full sheet. This drape will become the     boundary  between you and your therapist. It’s the perfect solution in providing a feeling of personal privacy and a sense of security for you. Only the part of the body that the therapist is currently massaging will be uncovered. The rest of the body is kept warm under the sheet. There will also be a sheet below you that covers the massage table and will provide warmth as  well throughout your massage. All linens are changed after each client to  ensure cleanliness.

- What will the massage feel like?

That really depends on the techniques that we use for you. If you desire a soft-soothing relaxation massage, then that is exactly what you will experience during the session. On the other hand, the various deep tissue techniques that we can use (if you choose) to relieve muscles that have become shortened, contracted and stiff may at times generate varying levels of light pain. Most clients remark, "it hurts so good". A deep massage for tight muscles may leave some residual soreness for a couple of days similar to a workout at the gym. But remember to keep it in mind that it's our main priority to perform a massage that always remains within your comfort zone. When it comes right down to it, the massage will feel just as you desire it to. The level of pressure and depth is always tailored to your liking.

- Your confidentiality is assured when using our services.
Your information is private and belongs to you the client. Our therapists will not discuss the details of your session with others, nor mention your name. Confidentiality may also refer to coincidental meetings in public. We will not acknowledge you in public unless you approach and greet us first. If we approached first, you may feel as though you’ve been put in a position of having it revealed to others that you were seeking massage therapy services (which you may prefer to be private).

- Sanitation is an important aspect of this practice

All linens and towels are only used once per client. If you and a friend book a massage following each other, we will use fresh linens for each of you. We are confident you’ll agree that the linens we will use for your session will smell clean, look clean, and feel clean & soft. Also, our massage tables and chairs are “religiously” cleaned, including all other equipment that clients may or may not come in contact with. As for our personal sanitation and hygiene, our therapists wash their hands 2 times per each client (before each massage and after each massage).

- LET GO - -Quiet your mind….slow your breathing….and relax

Other than just relaxing, there is really nothing more that you need to do. Just relax. we will gently move you when needed or ask you to readjust your position. If your assistance is required as in stretching, sports massage or some pain management massages, We'll request your assistance and provide ample instruction. Many just close their eyes and relax while others enjoy talking a bit during their session. While we focus the majority of our energy & resources into your body during the session, we enjoy listening to our clients. Incidentally, we will offer few opinions and minimum feedback regarding your personal life. And since we are not psychologists, or similarly trained counselor, it is out of our professional scope of practice to offer advice other than massage related thought & actions.

- Feel Pain - - LET US KNOW

Another approach or technique can be applied if you feel the pressure or depth is a little uncomfortable. Massage is much more therapeutic and effective when your body is not actively resisting. If the pressure is too deep, your muscles will instinctively respond with an “armoring” defense mechanism against the intrusive pressure. For that same reason, we suggest that you not voluntarily contract a particular muscle as we work on it. Unless the therapist specifically asks you to contract a muscle to implement a particular technique, this often proves to be counterproductive and will deter relaxation. We also want the environment that the massage takes place in to be as comfortable as the massage itself. The sound level, lights and temperature should all be pleasant for your massage.

 - Conversation

You may talk as little or as much as you like. The key to a good massage is relaxation and comfort. If you feel more relaxed and connected through talking…then we will listen. Although many clients fall asleep, there are those that feel interacting makes them more relaxed and trusting. We will always make you feel as though we are working with you, never on you. To work with only your physical body, would be to neglect your emotional feelings.

- Your feedback

Your feedback is the cornerstone of your bodywork. This is very important. Please don’t feel that you’ll hurt your therapist’s feelings. We feel empowered and more capable when knowing your feedback. Let us know before the session has started if specific areas are tense or ache (and for approximately how long). For example, if your therapist is applying pressure to the deltoid (shoulder) and there is a referred pain felt simultaneously in the neck, don’t hesitate to vocalize these feelings. You may need some extra time in these areas. This is key to getting the most out of your treatment. We want to deliver a massage that is tailored to your needs and worthy of your time & money.

After The Massage

- How Will I Feel?

At the end of the treatment, you may feel momentarily dizzy if you sit up too quickly. This may be due to positional hypotension. Blood leaves the brain as the torso sits up too quickly. We've all felt this at one time or another when we jumped out of bed in a rush. You may become so comfortable, or even fall asleep, while on the table that you actually need an extra hand to help you up without expending a lot of energy.

- How you feel after your massage depends on what you want to achieve. Most people feel very relaxed. Some experience freedom from chronic aches and pains developed by tension, repetitive activity or poor posture. After an initial period of feeling slowed down and relaxed, people often experience increased energy, heightened awareness, and greater productivity.
- DRINK LOTS OF WATER and try a nice long bath with about 1 cup of Epsom salt in very warm water.

- Payment
Allow 10 minutes to pay the bill and briefly discuss the massage. Your therapist will advise you when the session is complete. They will leave the room and give you time to relax a few minutes on the table, get up and redress. You will then pay for your appointment and be asked if you'd like to reschedule.
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