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Upcoming Events

Father’s Day is right around the corner,

and we want to help make it special!


How about a Massage!

Give Dad a gift that he will truly love and enjoy!

Father’s Day Gift Card offer: 60 minutes for $65~

Mention you are purchasing FOR a Dad, or that you ARE a Dad, to receive our Special Rates the entire month of June!

New to our studio

Meditation lead by

Sheri Bagwell

No June meetings

Suggested donation $10-$15.  By offering an amount that is of value to you, you will experience greater shifts in your life.  Everything is energy

Join us for this free flowing meditation and healing energy class.  We start with a bit of conversation and then you will lie comfortably on a mat supported by props of your choice or sit in a chair if that is more suitable for you.  We will allow the meditation to be guided by what is happening with you individually, if you want to share that, or what is happening collectively in the world around us. 

My job as an energy healer is to help you get connected to your intuition.  I carry an energy that can help you get into a meditative state more easily, which helps you find calm within.  I will help bring your body into a resonance that allows you to heal yourself emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. 

In these classes we will release fear and limiting thought patterns.  We will find your confidence and give you the tools to create a life you love. 

My community is growing because those who have been coming to class or having private sessions are experiencing real and tangible shifts in their lives.  By connecting to your intuition, loving and nurturing yourself more, you will raise the consciousness of the world around you, just by existing in it. 

For more information contact

pH Balanced Massage is excited to introduce

Melissa Clevenger
as a Licensed Massage Therapist
at our studio.

  Melissa Clevenger is an Alabama native and a graduate of the Birmingham School of Massage. She has a passion for holistic wellness, acknowledging that every individual has a unique presence to bring to the world. In her bodywork practice, Melissa focuses on deep tissue massage therapy with adaptions to each clients needs

We want to announce that Buti yoga instructor, Ashley Kalish is leaving Birmingham in July for new adventures in Nashville. She has been such a wonderful addition to our pH Balanced family! We wish her all the best. She has two wonderful instructors set to take her Tuesday and Thursday classes. Watch for more details.

BUTI Yoga with Bridget Herring

Wednesdays & Thursdays at 7pm
$10 class 

Buti Yoga is a movement practice that transforms your BODY and SOUL with cardio-intensive bursts of tribal dance, primal movement and conditioning woven into a dynamic yoga practice. Buti is an Indian Marathi word that means "a cure that has been hidden or kept secret". All levels welcome as modifications can be made. Come sweat with intention!

Gentle Yoga with Sandra
Now teaching Tuesday 8:30am
yoga class

Class is $8 paid to Sandra
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ pH Balanced Massage Studio:

Active Military, Police & Firefighter

Massage Discount!

60 minutes for $60

90 minutes for $90

*Mention this when booking to receive your discount*


Regular massage is the best way to manage muscular issues, stress, sports wellness and general health concerns.

Our Wellness Membership Program provides one 60, or 90 Minute massage per month at discounted rates.

We also have Wellness Memberships & Massage Packages available to make your self-care plan
more affordable!  

 Please Note Class Name Change

Yoga Fundamentals & Adaptations is now
Mellow Yoga

meeting on Mondays at 4:30pm,
Wednesdays at 10:45am,
& Saturdays  at 10:30am.

"Mellow Yoga is a slower-paced environment for enjoying the full range of benefits of hatha yoga without fear of injury or judgment.  If you are unable to be on the hands and knees, though, please let us recommend a Chair Yoga class on our schedule."

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